Although law school is doing its very very best.

Actually, it’s going reasonably well, and I’m taking a break from the fantastic world of assault and battery to let those of you who may still be checking this that I’ll be putting photos up at some point. I’m not really sure what the point of that is, since I think most people who read this are also friends with me on the Facebook, but the posts might look a little nicer illustrated. Plus, I’ve been working all day and I need some sort of break. Backpacking this is not.

I’m going to freak out and buy a plane ticket to somewhere at any given moment.

I did visit Mississippi and Memphis on Labor Day a while back, which resulted in some good times though. About 20 of my closest friends showed up at our friend Emma’s house and proceeded to party so hard we broke it. Her entire house. Also, for the record, the African mosquitoes have NOTHING on those from Mississippi. NOTHING. I still have the scars.

Who thinks a backpacking trip through the various ‘stans are a good idea? Anyone want to meet me in Tashkent???