The last couple days in Zanzibar have been some of the most perfect days I think I’ve ever had in my life. We took a boat out to an island to feed giant tortises and snorkel, and ate fresh fruit off the prow for lunch. We wandered around a night food stall market and ate grilled seafood by the water in Stone Town. We went to Kemba, a beach up north and went on 2 of the best dives I’ve ever been on. Ludicrously clear water, crazy clouds of fish, nudibranchs, AND WILD DOLPHINS WHO PLAYED WITH US. Also, nutella chapatis for lunch. I swam up to a fisherman who spoke no English in his wooden canoe and he let me hold his squid and no that is not some sort of euphemism. Perfect weather, perfect beach, seafood curry, beer, and the world cup games at night… There was a spontaneous dance party in the bar on our last night, we danced til 3, each of us got propositioned. It’s sort of silly how amazing Zanzibar was.

PLUS I DIDNT GET THREATENED WITH ARREST ANYWHERE ON THE ISLAND!! (I did get detained in Dar because apparently the people there had never seen film before and they thought I was carrying explosives. That was fun.)

But now I’m in Dubai, and I have left Africa behind. I’m not happy about it, although I am excited to see people in Europe. Africa was phenomenal, and these past two months have sparked some of the most incredible experiences of my life. Parents: let your daughters back pack through Africa.

Highlights will be posted. Diek, thanks for saving my life and giving me new appreciation for my scarf. Seanna…it’s…scary. Meant to be!