Diek and I are now sitting at an internet cafe in Zanzibar….and he’s helping me remember some of the things I said at 5800M because I take requests. Seanna is showering at our FANTASTIC hotel because we swam in the ocean earlier. In perfect turquoise water with white sand. It was terrible; none of you should be jealous.


1. “Hey, how did you guys get up here?”

I got dragged up the last bit by our guide and was shocked to find Diek and Seanna also at the summit.

2. “That could happen to anyone! This isn’t just me!”

I kept falling over and yes, it was just me. In fact, one of the people we made friends with on the mountain told me that later, when we were all in Moshi and trying to use ATMs, a random stranger turned to her and said, “See that girl in the black tshirt? She was an absolute MESS on Kili.” Guess who he was talking about?

3. “It’s not my fault!”

Our guide fell over in the scree too. I felt totally vindicated.

4. “They’re planning my life without me!”

Seanna and Diek were following me and NTese and saying how Seanna and I should share the hotel room in Arusha because it would be easier…and I was convinced they were taking control over my life because I couldn’t really understand what they were saying.

5. “It’s like we’re on a promenade.”

It was not like we were on a promenade. It was like NTese was afraid I was getting brain damage.

Anyway, I’m going to go wash the salt off myself and then we are going to have dinner in a Freddie Mercury themed restaurant because he was born here. Did you know that? See? This blog is educational.

I have 4 days left in Africa. I can’t believe it.